Currently there are two hiking trails right here at the Five Kezars.  The first is Ron’s Loop, found at the bottom of the hill on the right when driving around Back Pond.  The entrance is marked by a GLLT trail sign, and there is a parking lot up a short driveway.  The trail is about a one mile loop trail, beginning behind the kiosk.  The trail is well marked with blazes with blue dots.  Visitors will find a trail guide and a list of various flora and fauna on the kiosk, to be returned please.  In addition, brochures for nearby GLLT hikes are on the kiosk. 

The second hike is found on the same road, actually about 1/3 mile on the right before Ron’s Loop.  This is the Mountain Trail, again with a parking lot up the hill to the right.  The trail is marked with blue blazes and begins to th right beyond the parking lot.  This trail leads to the ledges, where visitors can enjoy the view down to the ponds, and on a clear day, even see Mount Washington.

The two trails are actually now linked, with the permission of a private land owner, so please stay on the marked path and tread lightly.  The link trail is marked with orange blazes.  From Ron’s Loop, look for orange blazes up behind the bridge, then follow to go up to the ledges and then down the the mountain trail.  Or, if you go up the mountain trail, find the blazes directly behind the view at the ledges, and proceed down to the point it comes out on Ron’s Loop near the bridge. 

The trails are maintained by crews of volunteers from around the ponds- watch for announcements of work days. 

Carol Gestwicki